Resource Integration: reduce the cost of automotive logistics

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Because of logistics resources can not be effectively configured, the share of automotive logistics in the automotive business in the proportion of high production costs, to reduce logistics costs through the integration of resources has become an issue auto companies must face and solved.
What is the automotive logistics? More simply, is the automotive logistics automobile manufacturing companies from raw material procurement to the vehicle shipped a series of processes. For example, the longer trucks we saw dozens of cars on the highway full of cars, parked in the harbor thousands of cars equipped with giant cargo ship, automobile logistics are some of the fragments.
Automotive Logistics is an important part of the field of logistics, and other logistics have different types of features, is a highly complex level of logistics activities. With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, cost control is becoming increasingly important in today's automotive logistics cost control has increasingly become the focus of attention, to reduce logistics costs through the integration of resources has become the auto companies must face and Problems to be solved.
Reduce the cost of the urgent requirements
Since 2004, the auto industry competition, the price is a general trend, from the car manufacturer's point of view, due to the decline in profit margins, lower production cost requirements has become increasingly urgent. As part of the cost of business operations, logistics cost Chinese auto companies accounted for a large proportion, the data shows, European and American automobile manufacturers logistics costs accounted for sales ratio is about 8%, the Japanese automobile manufacturers only 5%, while Chinese auto manufacturers that figure generally above 15%. Visible, logistics cost Chinese auto companies significantly higher.
Many reasons for the high cost of automotive logistics, where the logistics low efficiency of resource allocation is an important aspect. Because of logistics resources is not effective allocation of automotive logistics efficiency is low, serious waste of resources. Especially in road transport, logistics Kongshi rate of road cars reached a very high level. According to the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, vice president of Dai a description, cost of transport vehicles is three times that of Europe and the United States, the rate of national transport vehicles Kongshi about 37%, of which automotive logistics business vehicles Kongshi rate up to 39%, the the return Kongshi, waste of resources, the problem of higher transport costs.
As most car manufacturers logistics activities mainly to road transport, high transport costs greatly increased the burden on enterprises so that the percentage of logistics costs are too high, and thus the competitiveness of enterprises affected. Deputy general manager of FAW Toyota sales company Wangfachang noted: the proportion of goods and logistics costs in the FAW Toyota products accounted for a large, because it is one-way traffic, the advantages of third-party transportation companies does not reflect too much waste Kongshi backhaul costs, but only allow manufacturers lose.
In fact, the high cost of logistics ultimate detriment of the interests of consumers. Because of logistics costs in the production costs of all proportion reached more than ten percent, a direct result of the amount of car consumers in a considerable part of "" money wasted "." In the current prices of the overall decline, the manufacturers can not be passed on through price factors logistics costs, it may compromise on product quality and service quality, so that the final consumer or by the loss.
Integration capacity is the key
Automotive Logistics cause waste of resources and an important factor affecting the efficiency of the regional automotive logistics barriers. Currently, car manufacturers have basically realized the internal information management, particularly in the higher three major auto groups, represented by the automobile manufacturing enterprise information technology degree. But information between enterprises, in particular horizontal communication among the few car manufacturers, basically in a relatively closed state, automobile production enterprises, "" fragmented "" mode of operation in automotive logistics, production among enterprises, implementation and protection barriers between logistics companies, automobile logistics support resource sharing lack comprehensive information platform. Major logistics companies are self-contained, the confidentiality of information, failure to carry out effective cooperation. Some local auto production and sales volume, but the logistics capacity is insufficient; and some small local automobile production and sales, logistics resources excess, this unbalanced allocation of resources, to a certain extent hindered the development of the automotive market.
China Transportation Manager Volkswagen Fan Bode has deep feelings, he said, due to historical reasons, the FAW - Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen has established a fully independent logistics system, fragmentation, lack of coordination and cooperation. In the transport vehicle, the two companies are present Kongshi high rate of problems. If North and South can be public capacity utilization, information and sharing of resources, can greatly save transportation costs.
In terms of vehicle logistics, some enterprises in order to meet market demand, self-built transport networks, storage facilities investment, ships, railway line and road transport team, showing redundant construction. To protect the peak logistics needs, self-logistics also need to reserve some of the logistics capabilities, it is estimated that China's major automobile production base in each of the excess capacity of about 20%, resulting in scattered resources capacity, uneven development, idle and waste. The foreign car manufacturers generally use third-party logistics turnkey basis, will effectively solve this problem.
Although there are a number of transport companies mutual sharing of resources and capacity to carry out cooperation, but such cooperation is cooperation in many small transportation company level, the real control of the resources of several large units communicate very little, which is closed to protect them awareness about, they fear each other through the exchange is to steal resources, opportunities, and customers, resulting in an outflow of resources, capacity robbed.
However, this closed the ultimate detriment of the interests of their own logistics. In the case of resources not effectively use the large logistics companies will lose resources in competition with SMEs, resulting in increased costs, less competitive, and gradually in a disadvantageous position in the market. Therefore, instead of seclusion lost development opportunities, as open up more channels, sharing resources, develop a broader market space.
Adjust the ratio of surface transport
In the field of automotive logistics, shipping costs than the 20% -30% lower land transport, one of the four data domestic shipping group Changjiang National Shipping Group (hereinafter referred to as "" long flight "") provides evidence that: transportation from Changchun to Guangzhou cars, land transportation cost per vehicle is about 3800-4000 yuan, while the sea need only 2500-2800 yuan, save 30% cost than land transport.
However, under the current Chinese auto industry annual output of more than 5 million cars in the background, only less than 10% of automobile transportation by water completed. The data show that Guangzhou Honda currently almost entirely on land transport, FAW-Volkswagen, less than 10% of the part by water transport, Southeast cars and only less than 15% of the parts by the Yangtze River into the sea southwest.
Since sea transport is cheaper than road transport, automobile manufacturers also why not pick it cheaper? Long Hang Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen people to the king speaks of the mystery: "" Due to the joint venture vehicle transport business are all domestic automobile enterprises division, involves the interests of all parties, although far less than the cost of water transport land transport, but 90% still rely on motor transport share land transport to complete. ' "
Indeed, this must not let outsiders fields of practice to a certain extent to maintain the unity of the enterprise, but from another perspective, since the high transport costs, the company's overall competitiveness is bound to be affected in the long run, not help enterprises to long-term stability. Of course, the cost advantage of sea transport is also within a certain range, and a small amount of short-haul and transport, sea transport overland transport still has incomparable advantages. Thus, according to the number of enterprises and goods transport distance to adjust the proportion of sea and land transport to reach a reasonable proportion for many automobile companies it has been a priority.
Chinese auto shipping logistics market has a huge potential in the Chinese stretch of coastline, Changchun, Beijing auto automobile manufacturing base in Dalian, Tianjin Port, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang automobile manufacturing base in Shanghai and other ports, another Japanese entrenched automobile manufacturing base in Guangzhou Whampoa of Hong Kong, shipping exchange, and further along the Yangtze River in Southwest market, which is a smooth inexpensive transportation system. I believe that with the increasing cost pressures, is bound to have more and more car companies use water transport to reduce logistics costs.


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